ATF Morning Commute: Baseball is Back (Again)

By Melissa Felkins

Mandatory Credit: Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco Giants baseball is back, again and will make it two today. At 12:05 pm, the Giants split squad will face the Milwaukee Brewers and the Oakland Athletics – one home, one away.

Buster Posey is supposed to make his return today behind the plate. He’ll be at home playing against the Brewers.

Speaking of lineups:

Madison Bumgarner, George Kontos, Ryan Vogelsong, and Derek Law will all be pitching at home today, per Alex Pavlovic of the San Jose Mercury News. Edwin Escobar will face the A’s on the road.

The Face of MLB contest is over. David Wright of the Mets won. I guess Nerd Power can only take you so far. Good job to A’s fans for getting Eric Sogard as far as they did (even if it meant beating Posey in the process). The power of Social Media, folks.

MLB pushing more diversity in baseball, specifically with African-American. From Ken Rosenthal’s latest:

"The percentage always draws attention in April, when the number of African-Americans on Opening Day MLB rosters is revealed. Last season the percentage was 8.5, or 64 out of 750. It does not figure to be dramatically different this season, prompting the usual, “Why is this happening?” handwringing for a day or two. After that, everyone will forget about the percentage until next year.Well, almost everyone.Baseball is not happy with the percentage."

It’s a good read, check out the whole article – Rosenthal: MLB’s diversity push goes beyond the numbers.