Eric Sogard and David Wright Battle to Finish Line in Face of MLB Challenge

By Melissa Felkins

As of 2:55 pm PST Thursday afternoon, there is no run away winning in the final round of MLB’s “Face of MLB” Contest. Eric Sogard of the Oakland Athletics has been the Cinderella in this contest, even beating out the much more deserving Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants. New York Mets and David Wright fans are not taking the contest lightly however. He’s sticking right in there with a 50/50 split in the Twitter votes.

I’ll refrain from going on about the ridiculousness of the contest. It’s been blowing up Twitter feeds for days on end. I’m just happy it will be over, and truthfully, I don’t care who wins. Sure, I think Wright is a more obvious choice for the “Face of MLB,” but I have to commend Oakland on their Nerd Power the past couple of weeks. I mean, Sogard is a career .241 hitter. Most casual baseball fans don’t even know his name, much less his face. However, if A’s fans have their way, more people will know the name, and the face (and probably already do).

I’m predicting a photo finish in this tight race. Then we can resume our normal twitter feed hopefully.

What do you think of the Face of MLB contest? Is it fun, ridiculous, entertaining? Or have you just banned visiting Twitter until it’s over?