Giants Sign Outfielder Tyler Colvin

By Denise Walos

It was announced this morning that the Giants have signed outfielder Tyler Colvin, and he will report to big league camp in Scootsdale.

The Orioles cancelled a deal with Colvin back on January 26 because of back issues that showed up after his physical. But the Orioles also cancelled a deal with Grant Balfour who has since signed with the Rays.

If you’re not familiar, Colvin is a 28-year old outfielder that bats left-handed. He spent 2009-2011 with the Cubs and 2012-2013 with the Rockies. In his last two years with the Rockies he holds a .271 batting average.

You can follow Tyler Colvin on Twitter at TylerColvin24. He said two hours ago it felt like the first day of school. Welcome to the Giants.