BREAKING: Bryan Stow Attackers Plead Guilty

By Melissa Felkins

The two men who were charged with brutally attacking and beating San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow have pleaded guilty and accepted plea bargains. According to NBC Bay Area, Louie Sanchez will be sentenced to eight years and Marvin Norwood will be sentenced to four years in a state prison. The two defendants originally pleaded not guilty to the attack.

The judge in the case also had some harsh words for Sanchez and Norwood.

"“Rarely, do I comment, but this is the kind of case that demands it,” the judge said. “Even now, with your smirks, you show no remorse.“Not only did you blindside Mr. Stow, you continued to hit him on the head and kick him in the head. You’re complete cowards.”"

The case has been three years in the making. Stow was assaulted at Dodger Stadium on Opening Day in 2011. He was leaving the Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers game when he was attacked in the parking lot.

"Stow, 45, suffered serious injuries, including brain damage, in the parking lot assault and receives medical care at home. The family has posted updates on Stow’s condition on Support4BryanStow, including a Feb. 14 post in which they said, “We recently shaved  Bryan’s head and it was shocking to see the damage to his skull. Seeing him stare at himself in the mirror was heartbreaking. Watching him touch the shunt that protrudes on the right side of his skull, the slightly sunken in left side and all the deep scars was heartbreaking.”"

We’ll have more follow-up to this story.