Killion: Tim Lincecum Feeling At Home

By Melissa Felkins

Jul 13, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Tim Lincecum (55) celebrates with teammates after throwing a no hitter against the San Diego Padres at Petco Park. The Giants won 9-0. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Ann Killion of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote a great article today about Tim Lincecum feeling at home in San Francisco and some the of the pressure taken off him now that he knows he’s “wanted” by the Giants.

I’m not going to recap it, because it’s a great article and I encourage you to head over there and read it. Here’s a few tidbits that stuck out to me.

"“Familiarity is the biggest thing for me,” he said. “The last couple of years, I was biting my knuckles wondering what was going to happen. Would teams want me after this? But the Giants showing that they did want me gives me confidence going into this year.”That’s as close as Lincecum came to conceding that the contract situation weighed heavily on his mind. His struggles on the mound coincided with his impending free agency and you could see that he was swimming in self-doubt.“It was a question mark in my head, whether or not I’m a commodity that someone would want, let alone the team that’s had me for seven years,” he said. “I’m being honest with you when I say that those questions creep up in my mind. I get in my own head a lot.”"

For San Francisco, San Francisco Feels Like Home – Ann Killion