AtF Podcast: Hall Of Fame Edition

By Eric Nathanson

After a short hiatus to celebrate the holidays we’re back with a brand new Around the Foghorn podcast. You could say this version was Giants sized. We delve deep in to the debate about the upcoming Hall of Fame class, which will be announced tomorrow afternoon at 2pm on MLB Network.

Now, we don’t have a vote mind you. But it’s always fun to hash out who would be on the ballot. Chris and I spend the first part of the show discussing criteria for the Hall of Fame as well as who we would vote for. Chris had previously shared his mock ballot with us a little while ago. Personally, I had a hard time coming up with one and needed a push on a few guys.

After we talk for a bit about our ballots friend of the show Wade Black joined us to talk about his mock ballot and specifically Greg Maddux. Wade has spent a lot of time watching Braves baseball and knows that team. I just couldn’t resist picking his brain on Tom Glavine. I had been on the fence about him. I’m not anymore, I’d vote him in.

Our very own Stuart Jones joined us as well and we ran the 4 man weave for a little while. Stuart took a good look at the numbers and had some great thoughts. You can check out his full mock ballot here. He also posed some interesting questions about players in their first year on the ballot and how long they may remain there.

Wade and Stuart were great guests. Thanks for coming on guys! We had a lot of fun with this one, we hope you enjoy it too. Tune in below and once again, thanks for listening.

You can follow any of us on Twitter: Eric @2outhits, Chris @BlueJays_Giants, Wade @NS_Export, Stuart @HeHitsItDeeeeep, the podcast itself @AtFPodcast1, and if you haven’t already (where ya been?) you can follow Around the Foghorn too @roundthefoghorn

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