Getting to know Mike Morse

By Melissa Felkins

A couple weeks ago Tom Tolbert of KNBR did an interview with newly acquired San Francisco Giants left fielder Mike Morse. put together a transcript of the interview where Morse talked about playing for Bruce Bochy, why his walk-up music is “Take On Me” by A-Ha, and how he feels about playing in AT&T Park as a power hitter.

Listen to the interview here: Tom Tolbert Interviews Mike Morse on KNBR (KNBR)

Read the transcribed interview hereKNBR Conversation: Michael Morse, Giants outfielder  (SFGate)

Below are just a few quotes I thought were interesting. Namely, playing for Bochy in Taiwan in 2011 and playing for the Washington Nationals the year Stephen Strasburg was controversially sit because of innings pitched.

"Morse: I got a chance to play with (Bruce) Bochy back in 2011. We went to Taiwan, and I really thought that he was a guy with just so much knowledge and just a great manager to play for. The players respect him, the way he goes about running his team – you know, he wants to win. I was with him for like five days, and I got all of that from that. … The Giants, to me, are always a team that’s going to be in the mix, and they know how to win. It’s an atmosphere and a good fan base and a great ballpark and a bunch of guys on the team that like to have fun. Not only that, they all have rings.….Tolbert: Take me back to a couple of years ago when you’re playing for the Nationals, and your GM Mike Rizzo decided to sit down (Stephen) Strasburg. … How did the team feel when you guys talked about that?Morse: An ex-Giant who was on that team with me, Mark DeRosa, told me, “Some of us might never get back to this moment in our careers.” He was telling that to a group of us on the team. At the time, we were all thinking, “Oh, yeah, whatever – we’re gonna be in the playoffs every year, yada yada …” But it just so happens that the next year – which was this year – they didn’t make the playoffs at all. … For a player, it’s tough. It’s really tough. There’s always the “what-ifs” – what if he did play?"