Brett Pill To Korea? Say It Isn’t So!

By Denise Walos

Brett Pill is leaving us. We won’t even see him as first baseman for the Brewers. He’s not just leaving the Giants and MLB, but the country! You might be able to catch him playing internationally if you visit Korea or Tokyo next year.

There are still rumors and nothing is official yet. But here is the latest from Giants beatwriters on Twitter:

Here is a quote from Andrew Baggarly’s article posted this morning:

"The club’s 40-man roster is now full, although a spot would open up with Pill’s departure. It’s expected that if the first baseman cannot come to terms with KIA Tigers of Korea Professional Baseball, then there are other clubs in Korea and Japan interested in purchasing his rights from the Giants. Whether he’s paid in yen or won, he’s likely to double what his big league salary would be with the Giants."

Around The Foghorn has posted a few features on Pill recently, three days ago we had “Brett Pill, we hardly knew ye” from Matt, and two weeks ago, “Does Brett Pill Have A Future With The Giants.

We saw this coming but I’m a little surprised there wasn’t a major league team out there (like the Brewers) that needed a first baseman that can hit with power. I know, I know… Pill hasn’t yet proved himself in the majors. Perhaps he’ll be able to log some impressive stats next year and have a chance to play every day in Korea or Japan. Regardless, we wish you the best Pill!