Around the Foghorn Podcast: Winter Meetings

By Chris Corbett

In the latest installment of Around the Foghorn Podcast, Chris and Eric discuss the Winter Meetings, that started today in Orlando. Since the meetings just started today, there hasn’t been much on the player movement or Giants side of things. The most news worthy things that have came from today meetings, 3 former managers have been elected to the Hall of Fame

Also worth noting, Roy Halladay, former Bluejays and Phillies starter, retired from MLB. Halladay signed a 1 day contract with the Toronto Bluejays, so that he could retire with the team he spent the bulk of his career

Keep an eye on this very site, as we hope to have more Giants news coming from the Winter Meetings, this is about the extent of any Giants news going on right now

For your listening pleasure, here is the latest episode of the Podcast

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