Non-Tender Deadline And Arbitration Eligible Giants

By Denise Walos

The following are the Giants players that are currently arbitration eligible in 2014. With Jose Mijares becoming a free agent, it leaves five Giants on the 40-man roster that the team needs to work out deals with. Their tenure and expected salaries are listed below.

I know some might need a refresher on arbitration so let me try and simplify it.

MLB players must have accrued at least three years of MLB service time before they can be eligible for salary arbitration. In salary arbitration, a player can negotiate their salary without it being automatically set by their club. There are a few exceptions for players (like Brandon Belt) with less than three years of service time. They are referred to as ‘Super Two’ and must either have between two and three years of service time or rank in the top 22% of all two-year players.

Tonight at midnight is the deadline for teams to tender contracts to eligible players. By non-tendering a player like Jose Mijares last week, the Giants granted him free agency and he is free to sign with any team.

In the five Giants listed above, I question if Tony Abreu will return with all the injuries he had last year. Also, when a team has depth in a position, they won’t look at going through the arbitration process and hold a precious spot on the 40-man roster for the player.