Does Brett Pill Have A Future With The Giants?

By Denise Walos

I wish I could say that Brett Pill has a future with the Giants. But in my opinion he doesn’t, not even as a utility infielder. Joaquin Arias has showed that he can play every position in the infield and has stepped to the plate on numerous occasions when injury has struck players like Sandoval, Scutaro and Crawford. Arias holds a .270 batting average with the Giants in the last two years while Brett Pill holds a .233 batting average in three years with the Giants.

Pill has power and that is something the Giants need in their line-up. But will they give him a chance to play every day or restrict him to being a career minor leaguer that can bat .334 in Fresno by playing every day? Is it time to say goodbye and trade him to another team this offseason?  These are questions that need to be addressed now that Belt has secured his position at first base.

Unfortunately Pill’s stats are not very impressive but the 29-year old has potential if a team is willing to give him a chance to play every day. I just don’t know if he fits into the Giants long-term plans. Here are the two options the team has been trying out.

  • Move Belt to left field and put Pill at first base. But then you have two left-handed batters (Belt, Blanco) playing the same position and Posey and Pill are both right-handed batters and would play first base.
  • Give Pill a shot in left field and platoon him with Blanco depending on the starting pitcher. But then where do you put Perez? This seemed to be an issue this season. Pill doesn’t have speed or an arm like Perez.

I would love to hear from other Giants fans on where they would like to see Pill. I think he has a lot of talent that is being wasted on the bench. I just don’t think the Giants have a place for him.

September 6, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants left fielder Brett Pill (6) reaches on a force attempt scoring right fielder Hunter Pence (8, not pictured) against the Arizona Diamondbacks during the second inning at AT