BatKid Rescues Lou Seal from the Penguin!

By Melissa Felkins

Criminal masterminds, The Riddler and The Penguin, have been terrorizing the city of Gotham today by kidnapping a woman, robbing a bank, and holding San Francisco Giants mascot Lou Seal hostage!

Fortunately Gotham City had BatKid on standby today to make sure the criminals were caught and the city was safe. BatKid rescued a damsel in distress from the Riddler, who left her to nearly be hit by an oncoming car! The Riddler got away initially, but BatKid was able to capture him and prevent a bank robbery in the process.

Then the unthinkable happened. The Penguin kidnapped and held hostage Lou Seal!

Of course, not even the Penguin was any match for BatKid. He rescued Lou Seal and captured the Penguin.

After saving the city, BatKid received a key to the city by Gotham Mayor Ed Lee

Even President Obama commended BatKid on his heroics today. Except he broke SuperHero Rule #1: Never Reveal Your Identity

The Daily Mail has some awesome photos from the day’s events.

Oh, and of course BatKid got to ride around in this sweet BatMobile.

If there was ever any doubt that San Francisco was the coolest f*cking city in the country, let this be your reminder.