Link: AT&T Park Technology

By Melissa Felkins

Via Techhive – Tech me out to the ballgame: High-tech secrets of AT&T Park

"Major League Baseball sometimes resembles a vaudeville act from a bygone era. Organists still play “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” Some players still wear knickers, stirrups, and pinstripes. And even though Jim Leyland just retired, you can still find a few coaches with big, bushy mustaches lifted straight from the 1890s.But those are just old-timey touches. It’s all part of baseball’s grand spectacle—carefully orchestrated theater intended to recall a kinder, simpler time. Major League Baseball has become a high-tech endeavor just like any other professional sport, and once you begin poking around in what’s really happening inside the ballpark, you begin to see just how profoundly technology has transformed our basic at-the-game experience.So while you’re at your next ball game, munching on your third hot dog, keep in mind that an infantry is working behind the scenes to make sure you’re getting a seamless, modern spectacle on a par with the best of professional sports. And it all requires serious tech—more than you’d ever guess."

Fairly interesting article about the technology that goes into a MLB game and specifically, at AT&T Park. From the ticket scanners, security, and the jumbotron, to the brand new Social Media Cafe, a lot goes into making the tech work. And I mean, it also wouldn’t be AT&T Park without some good, free, wi-fi.

"“Because we’re in San Francisco, our fans and our team expect us to keep up with the latest technology,” says Hodges. “We push ourselves to get creative with tech in order to orchestrate these great live moments.”"

Head over and give it a read and let us know what technology upgrades you’d like to see at AT&T Park!

Head over and give it a read