Barry Zito Thanks Fans with SF Chronicle Ad

By Melissa Felkins

In case you missed this yesterday, Barry Zito took an ad out in the San Francisco Chronicle thanking San Francisco Giants fans. Zito just completed the final year of his seven-year, $126 million deal. Yes, there is an $18 million option for next season with a $7 million buyout. No, it will not be picked up.

All the money talk aside, Barry Zito is a class act. I mean, this wasn’t just some quarter page ad. It was a full page ad to thank the fans, myself included, who haven’t always spoke very highly of Zito on the field. Fans who, at times, booed him. But Barry stuck it out. He pitched through trials and even though this past season was nothing short of a disaster, fans now should be remembering him for the 2012 postseason run he made. And hopefully Barry remembers those fans who were outraged he didn’t get a proper send off in his final start as a Giant. Fans that were so outraged, that Bruce Bochy had no other option than to get him in the game from the bullpen in the final game of the season.

I hope that’s what Zito remembers about San Francisco, because in the end, despite his on the field struggles, off the field, the man has class and respect for the game.

Full text below

"Let’s Go Giants…Let’s Go Giants…Let’s Go Giants…These words will live with me forever. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you, the dedicated fans of San Francisco for the fire in your hearts for Giants baseball.These last seven years were filled with ups and downs both on the field and off. I lost both my parents, found the love of my life in Amber, gained wisdom, found faith in God, and rode the wave to not one but two World Series Championships in three short years.It has been an experience that has shaped the lens that I will see life through for the rest of my time. I feel so very blessed to have been a part of it all.Thank you San Francisco,Barry Zito"