San Jose / MLB Hearing Began This Week

By Melissa Felkins

San Jose and the Oakland Athletic’s bid to move the A’s to San Jose got started officially this week. The hearing began to determine whether they can move or not, since the San Francisco Giants have claimed territorial rights in that area. According to the SF Chronicle, it may not be going so well for San Jose so far.

"The A’s owners’ hopes of moving their team from its longtime home in Oakland to a spiffy new ballpark in San Jose ran into trouble Friday in federal court, where a lawyer for the South Bay community struggled to convince a judge thatMajor League Baseball is illegally blocking the relocation.“The Oakland A’s … would like to move, but they can’t get the three-quarters vote” of club owners that MLB requires to relocate within the San Francisco Giants‘ designated territory, the city’s lead attorney, Joseph Cotchett, said at a hearing in San Jose."

The entire article is a good read, and does a pretty good job of explaining the issues at hand.

Take a read here: Judge seems unmoved in San Jose’s bid to get A’s

Personally, I want the A’s to have a decent stadium. They are in a dump. Or is that sewer?

However, I’d prefer they move somewhere in the East Bay and stay out of San Jose. That is the Giants territory, and I think if the courts start allowing that to be changed, it could happen to other teams. And, let’s face it, that’s the only reason the owners haven’t voted to allow the relocation to San Jose.