Thank You, Readers!

By Melissa Felkins

Sep 29, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants fans cheer for San Francisco Giants pitcher Barry Zito (75) as he leaves the field during the eighth inning against the San Diego Padres at AT

This San Francisco Giants’ season didn’t go the way we hoped at Around the Foghorn. We’re guessing it didn’t go the way you hoped either. No World Series Parade. No trophy. No champagne celebrations. The Giants’ season has ended and we’re all sitting here, depressed, and wondering what the heck we’re supposed to do until March.

You guys, and gals, our amazing readers, have stuck with the Giants, and us, through this amazing season of ups and downs. We appreciate you reading, and don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of news to keep you occupied and reading during the hot stove months. In fact, the very second Tim Lincecum gets re-signed, we’ll be telling you about it. Timmy himself is supposed to text me before it goes public (Ha! I wish!).

So, just because the season has ended, doesn’t mean the work our awesome staff at ATF does will end. We’ll keep writing. We’ll keep you updated on the Arizona Fall Leagues and Winter Leagues. We’ll keep you updated on signings and Winter Meetings. We’ll share some of our favorite memories from this season, and start looking toward next season. We’ll even cover the playoffs that apparently keep happening when the Giants aren’t in them.

By the way, ATF staff, whether they like it or not, are all supporting the Pittsburgh Pirates in the playoffs. We’re also supporting the Oakland A’s. After that, we don’t care who you support, as long as it’s not the Los Angeles Dodgers.

We have some great stuff planned for the offseason, and even more for next season. Thank you for your support during this long, grueling, baseball season. It’s been fun to meet a lot of you, and we hope to meet more of you next season.

For your enjoyment, and maybe for a few tears, here is a video of some shots of the World Series parade from last year. Perhaps this will tide you over until 2014.

By the way, that terrible looking orange sign in the middle of the top photo is mine from Sunday’s game.