Dodgers Fan Dies from Stabbing Near AT&T Park After Game

By Melissa Felkins

I really wish I didn’t have to write that headline.

A man was stabbed to death following an altercation near AT&T Park in San Francisco. The fight was said to be between “rival fans.” This is according to a CBS-San Francisco report this morning. The man apparently was with his father and brother, who were both wearing Dodgers gear. The reports as to whether the victim was also wearing Dodgers gear are conflicted. CBS says he was wearing a Dodgers hat, however NBC Bay Area states “the victim was not wearing any baseball clothing, the (police) sergeant said.”

Three people are being held in connection with the stabbing, however no one has been arrested as of yet. The victim was 24 years old.

Whether or not he was Dodgers gear really isn’t important, however. His father and brother were in Dodgers gear, a fight broke out between Dodgers and what we’re assuming are so-called Giants “fans,” and a man died over a ballgame.

This is eerily reminiscent of Bryan Stow, the Giants’ fan brutally attacked at Dodgers Stadium on Opening Day 2011. Stow did not die, but remains in a state to where he cannot care for himself on his own. The Giants  held a fundraiser for Stow, just two days ago, to help pay for his continued health cost.

Condolences go out to the family and friends of the young man. We can only hope and pray that they find those responsible very soon.

Expect more about this later, as more news is updated, and probably a person rant about the subject.