First AtF Podcast

By Chris Corbett

As I announced last week, Eric Nathanson and I are starting an AtF Podcast. This afternoon/morning we recorded the first episode. The beginning was a little tough, due to some jitters, but I feel it went over pretty well and I look forward to doing more shows.

We discussed this past week vs the Rockies and Dodgers, the crazy hot week that Hunter Pence had and the upcoming New York trip.

Here is the link to listen to the podcast here , give it a listen. We appreciate any and all feedback. As I mentioned in the announcement last week, we will try to do some shows where we have live callers and guests, we are also hoping to find the time where can have the entire AtF group for a “round table” discussion.

Check back on the site, or by giving @AtFPodcast1 a follow on twitter, for more upcoming podcast news.