Pre-game And Lineups 9/7 Giants/Dbacks

By Denise Walos

Matt Cain was reinstated today by the Giants, making his first start since August 22. Just when you thought our pitching couldn’t get better, Perfect Cain returns and he’s well rested!

We need runs. Early runs. I feel good about this team since Pagan returned. Pence is belting long home runs, Pablo Sandoval is hot, and Sanchez has been clutch.

Here are lineups for tonight’s game 3 of 4 vs Diamondbacks:

Brandon McCarthy (RHP) has lost five of his last 6 starts and holds a 4.84 ERA in those starts. The Giants last saw him on May 1, which resulted in a 9-6 loss for the Diamondbacks. Giants are currently hitting .333 off of him and let’s hope this is the case tonight.