Giants Lose 2-1 Despite Solid Outing By Cain

By Denise Walos

Matt Cain deserved better tonight. He is is now 8-9 for the season but looked strong in his first game back since August 22.  In 6 1/3 innings he allowed 8 H, 2 ER, 4 BB, with 3 Ks.

The lack of run support once again hurt the Giants this game. Soon I will write a feature  to compare run support this season to the last few years.

One positive from tonight was the defense from our ‘Angel in the Outfield.’  Angel Pagan had two amazing assists that stopped the Diamondbacks from scoring more runs than the two recorded.

3rd inning: Angel Pagan catches Adam Eaton‘s fly ball in center field and throws out A.J. Pollock who couldn’t make it back to 1st base in time.

8th inning: Angel Pagan fielded a ball in the gap and relayed to Brandon Crawford who delivered a perfect throw to Sanchez at home to get Wil Nieves. I’ve been impressed with Sanchez the last few weeks. He’s really stepped it up being healthy as a backup catcher .

Thought I would throw this one in. The Giants need to resign Javier Lopez  next year. Seriously Sabian, I hope you have that contract ready for him. GIF courtesy of Carmen Kiew. 

Javi Lopez strut