Giants DFA Kensuke Tanaka And Dan Runzler

By Denise Walos

The Giants have just announced that they have designated Kensuke Tanaka (2B/LF) and Dan Runzler (LHP) for assignment, making room on the 40-man roster for Heath Hembree (RHP) and Johnny Monell (C).

It wasn’t a surprise to most, many of us were speculating that both Tanaka and Runzler would be on the way out given their lackluster stats this season.

Kensuke Tanaka seemed like the second coming when he was first called up to the majors on July 9.

— McCovey Cove DAVE (@mccoveycovedave) July 10, 2013

He was sent back to Fresno on July 28 and we haven’t seen him since. He leaves the Giants having played 9 games in left field with a BA of .267. He has an impressive .329 for AAA Fresno but unfortunately it wasn’t an indication of how well he would do in the big leagues. This is what I’ll miss most about Tanaka.

Dan Runzler (LHP) has stayed in Fresno in 2013 going 3-7 with a 5.68 ERA. I don’t have much else to say about him.

I’m excited to see what Hembree and Monell will bring to the Giants the rest of this month. They are two of the eight players called up yesterday by the Giants when rosters expanded.