Giants Pay Out Over Half Million to Under Paid Staff

By Melissa Felkins

Earlier this week it was reported that the San Francisco Giants, who ranks #6 in MLB’s highest payrolls, failed to pay overtime, and in some cases, even minimum wage to some of their employees. According to Think Progress, they paid out $544, 715 to 74 employees.

"The Department of Labor found that major and minor league clubhouse workers in the Giants organization worked longer hours than were recorded and made less than minimum wage. The employment agreement for clubhouse workers stipulated that they would make $55 for working 5.5 hours a day, but they were actually working 12 to 15 hours, according to the investigation. They also were not paid overtime. The club also improperly classified some employees in a way that allowed them to avoid paying overtime. And they failed to pay overtime, or paid too little overtime to some administrative staffer."

In a city known for promoting fair wages and mandatory insurance from employers, it’s surprising (and disturbing) that something like this could happen within the organization. The organization has paid the back wages, however, and worked closely with the Labor Department to rectify the matter. It also may explain a little more about why concession workers decided to strike earlier this year for failure to receive raises in 3 years. That beef however was with a contracting company, Centerplate, and not the Giants themselves, but when it happens in your house, it doesn’t reflect well into the community.