Waiver Claim Update: ‘None Of Them Are Going Anywhere’

By Melissa Felkins

It was reported last night that Tim Lincecum, Hunter Pence, and Javier Lopez had all been claimed off of revokable waivers. Aside from the news yesterday about Lopez, most Giants fans didn’t even realize any of these guys were on the waiver wire. It’s a very common baseball move, and in cases like this, it’s mostly just to judge interest in the players to make better decisions in the offseason.

According to Jon Heyman’s report this morning, he says:

"“none of them are going anywhere,” according to someone familiar with the situation."

John Shea also weighed in on the waivers and seems to also think it’s really a non-issue. He spoke to Bruce Bochy about the waivers and this is what Bochy had to say.

"“We think a lot of all three with what they’ve done here,” Bochy said. “They’re professional with how they go about their business. Talks will get ironed out once the season is over. My perspective, just like Brian (Sabean‘s) and the organization’s, is we certainly hope something does get worked out.”"

So like Denise said last night, don’t panic. It’s strictly a way to gauge interest and make better offers in the off season. My bet is that all three of these guys will be in Giants uniforms next season.