Arias Helps Giants Avoid Shutout In 6-1 Loss

By Denise Walos

Tonight was a weird game. Dexter Fowler hurt his knee in the first inning. Hunter Pence collided with the outfield wall. Pablo Sandoval almost hit a three run homer. The sprinklers in Coors Field went on for no reason. A torrential downpour of rain that wasn’t in the forecast started. Then the random ESPN alert, “Tim Lincecum and Hunter Pence claimed on waivers, expected to stay with Giants.” WHAT?

So yeah… the Giants lost 6-1. Barry Zito pitched. He gave up runs. He gave up a two-run home run in the 2nd inning to Todd Helton and a solo home run to Charlie Blackmon in the 3rd inning. So why did Zito pitch? If you look at these stats you would start him at against the Rockies in a second.

But if you’ve been paying attention to his last three starts you might’ve thought again. Poor Zito.

Then Moscoso happened. Then Mijares. It was all bad.

Joaquin Arias helped the Giants avoid a shutout in the 9th inning. Francisco Peguero singled to left and then Arias doubled, scoring Peguero, to avoid a shutout against the Rockies but Giants still lost 6-1. The Giants need to find a way to keep Arias around in the next few years. When he plays every day, he can hit for us. And we all know his defense.

Pence is thankfully ok after this Bryce Harper collision with the wall.

Back to this. Makes me feel better about losing yet another game.

And finally, looks like Pence and Sandoval are making their pre-game salsa dance a ritual. It’s amazing.