Pre-game and Lineups 8/14 Giants @ Nationals

By Denise Walos

Timmy Lincecum (6-11, 4.18 ERA) will take the mound vs Jordan Zimmermann (13-6, 3.10 ERA) on Wednesday for game 2 of the Giants at Nationals. The Giants (52-66) are currently 15 games back of the Dodgers. The Nationals (58-60) are 14 games back of the Atlanta Braves and 8.5 back of the wild card.  The Nats currently hold a 4-game winning streak.

Marco Scutaro is back in the lineup after back soreness yesterday (only hitting .222 in the lead-off  spot for the Giants) but Joaquin Arias (4-4 last night, .289) is surprisingly not. Apparently the Giants are waiting for  Pablo Sandoval (1-4 last night, .256 BA) to ‘get hot’ again? I ask that as a question because I really have no idea what they’re thinking. FYI- The Giants are .175 with RISP in August.

For the Nats, Bryce Harper will be starting today. He was out of the game yesterday with the flu.

Here are the line-ups for game two of the three game series:

Word around is that Brett Pill is taking ground balls at third base and also left field. We’ll see how that story unfolds if Francoeur and Kieschnick don’t start hitting.