Brian Wilson Close to Signing with DODGERS?!

By Melissa Felkins

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

It really may be a Giants fans worst nightmare. Brian Wilson, The Beard and beloved former closer, is “close” to signing with a team. That was to be expected, and I’m not sure all Giants fans would be thrilled to have him and his shenanigans back. However, Bob Nightengale, of USA Today Sports, seems to think that team is the Los Angeles Dodgers.

We knew that it was always a possibility. But the closer it gets to reality, the closer I get to wanting to vomit. I think in the end, I had always hoped another team would win out. I could be okay with Wilson in Boston. I think it’d be a good fit. But the Dodgers? That just adds fuel to the fire.

If he does go to the Dodgers, may Juan Uribe and he and sit around the campfire singing Kumbaya with their World Series rings and continue trying to bite the hand that fed them.

If Wilson does indeed sign with the Dodgers, he’s as good as dead to me as a baseball player. I could barely tolerate him as a Giant, much less a Dodger.