Around the Arthorn: Topps, RareInk Have New Art Out for You

By Stuart Jones

February 12, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Detroit Tigers first baseman

Prince Fielder

(28) and Florida little leaguers unveil the world

Those that love collecting baseball cards wishing they could blow them up to giant posters, your wish has finally come true. For the moment, Topps only has a limited selection (a little over 1,000) of card-posters you can choose from, and the San Francisco Giants were not included in this early release, so players from that time period, you will just have to wait your turn. There is a page where you can request a player, though I’m not sure about the response time on that. Please note that the posters will not be the size of the poster at the top of this article, but will come as large as 23″ x 31″ unframed at $99.99. $249.99 framed. And who wouldn’t want this poster of San Diego Padres manager Bud Black in their living room?

Solid DadHat, a mustache fit for the times, and blotches all over the card, how does this not become one of their top sellers, he asked not expecting anybody to answer.

There’s also work done by RareInk, which has art of the Giants done for you to check out, and this stuff I believe is cool and definitely material you can hang up in that room you love to hang out in. It is a little pricier, for the piece I’m putting up here it starts at $99.99 for a 18″ x 24″ paper and goes up to $419.00 for a 24″ x 30″ metal, both of these without the frame.

I mean, it’s nice, is it not? Check out more of the art at the links, definitely some cool stuff out there.