Giants Photo Recap of Friday’s 3-2 Loss to Cubs

By Denise Walos

I was in London and Paris for two weeks and couldn’t wait to get back to AT&T Park again to see my Giants on Friday. My MLB.TV app wasn’t working in Europe because of the crappy wi-fi. Plus the games were on at 3:30AM so it made it really difficult to keep up with baseball.

Friday was my first day back in the states so saying I was excited to see the boys at home was an understatement. But instead of rehashing Friday’s 3-2 unfortunate loss to the Cubs with depressing facts and stats, I’ll post some photos I took. Enjoy and let’s hope for a win on Saturday. 

Buster looks touched watching the social media video on the jumbotron in between warming up with Cain.

Pablo taking a squat warming up before the game on Friday. He always wins for best/craziest/stupidest faces on the Giants. 

Pablo’s double was the highlight of the game. I was a little worried he wouldn’t get there in time but thankfully he did. 

This is one of the reasons we love Hunter Pence. I hope he stays a Giant for a long time.

Frenchy is always smiling. He seems truly happy to be a Giant. He threw me a ball in the 5th inning (which I caught). I like nice players. And nice players that can hit even better.

#Scutaroing With Lou Seal. Cause why wouldn’t you? 

Javier Lopez, everyone’s favorite lefty, warming up in the bullpen. 

Looks like Pablo has been taking lessons from Flannery. Love him directing this Pence slide into home plate.

Scutaro deep in thought after the Cubs scored two runs in the 9th inning. I’d like to think he was thinking about how cool his RainGlobe is.