Jeff Francoeur to Fresno

By Melissa Felkins

Ken Rosenthal (via Amy G) is reporting that Jeff Francoeur has agreed to terms to become the newest Giant.

Francoeur was recently released by the Kansas City Royals and while his name has been mentioned as a possible pick-up, fans are pretty divided over whether it’s a good thing or not. Francoeur is a veteran player who was only hitting .208 in Kansas City.

On the plus side, he’s probably coming pretty cheap and maybe he can help out the struggling outfield. The bad side of that coin is that he’s traditionally played right field, and while we could use some defensive help, it’ll be hard to see him as much help in AT&T Park’s large center field. He’s likely not going to be the hitting spark that the Giants need, but he’s relatively low-risk and experienced. Who knows, maybe he’ll be the next Pat Burrell-like pickup for us.

Or he could just give us more of the same that he’s done for the past few years over his career and just suck.

According to Alex Pavlovic, he’ll first be headed to Fresno.

More updates to come…