Giants Lose Out on Ricky Nolasco as Miami and Los Angeles make another deal

By Stuart Jones

First, the Giants were the frontrunners for RHP Ricky Nolasco of the Miami Marlins when the trade speculation begun. Then the Dodgers stepped in and said, “We’ll take that, thank you very much” while rekindling fond memories of the Hanley Ramirez deal last season. In a deal that has four names being exchanged with some cash, here are the details that have been confirmed:

The Los Angeles Dodgers receive:

  • RHP Ricky Nolasco
  • $197,000 in international pool money
  • Responsibility of paying Nolasco’s remaining contract

The Miami Marlins receive:

Jun 10, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Marlins starting pitcher Ricky Nolasco (47) throws against the Milwaukee Brewers during the first inning at Marlins Park. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Nolasco, whose ERA and FIP come in at 3.85 and 3.51, respectively, should slide nicely into the #4 spot for the Dodgers behind Clayton Kershaw, Zack Greinke, and Hyun-jin Ryu. Based on 2013 performance, it would make the most sense for Chris Capuano to go to the bullpen and have one of the bullpen guys get optioned, maybe Jose Dominguez or Chris Withrow. Overall, the short-term win definitely appears to belong to the Dodgers. From the long-term perspective, word I’m hearing on social media is that these three should be relievers if they make it to The Show… and that might still favor the Dodgers, but time will tell on that one. This deal does make the Dodgers rotation better without much foreseeable cost to the long-term well being of the club, so, sorry about that Giants fans.

The Giants were rumored to have offered two pitchers and cover only some of Ricky Nolasco’s remaining contract. They have been connected to Bud Norris of the Houston Astros, and it is yet to be seen whether the Giants are buyers/sellers at the deadline will influence their desire to trade for him. If you consider the projected 2014 rotation of Matt Cain and Madison Bumgarner, then three question marks, you can understand why they might trade for another starter.