A Quick July 2nd Primer

By Stuart Jones

At 6:00AM PST on Tuesday morning, international signings for free agents officially were open for business. You may have heard that this is going on, and that teams are signing 16- and 17-year olds to six or even seven figure deals, which probably seems ridiculous to you considering you were lucky to make $15/hour at whatever part-time job you applied for when you were that age. Still, these periods of signings are very important for teams, and you can see the effects of some of these signings on the roster already. Pablo Sandoval and Hector Sanchez were both signed before they were 18, and now they occupy 25-man roster spots. Guys that make up MLB.com’s Top 20 prospects for the Giants that were international signees by the club include Francisco Peguero, Gustavo Cabrera, Ehire Adrianza, Joan Gregorio, and Adalberto Mejia.

Jun 5, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval (48) hits a single against the Toronto Blue Jays during the fourth inning at AT

Baseball America has some pretty good material for you to look at to explain a lot of the rules for this period of signing international talent, and it may be a doozy to go through, so here’s what may be most important to you as a Giants fan:

  • The Giants assigned pool money is $1,909,900
  • The Giants can trade away some of their pool money, and can also acquire pool money from other teams
  • If the Giants go over their pool money, they will be taxed, but over 5%, they will see restrictions in 2014, and those restrictions will depend on whether the system stays as is, or there’s an international draft
  • You do not want an international draft because it limits money to players (well, maybe that doesn’t matter to you), saves owners money (which they won’t necessarily use on their own team), and Giants may lose out on players like Gustavo Cabrera that have a comp (maybe a forced comp, I don’t know) of Justin Upton

I’m hoping we’ll have some exciting signings to report today at AtF, so stay tuned to us or those twitter accounts you see mentioned above for coverage of the madness today.