Link: BASG Interview with Nicole Vogelsong

By Melissa Felkins

Carmen over at Bay Area Sports Guy just posted a nice piece about her one on one interview with Nicole Vogelsong, wife of Giants pitcher Ryan Vogelsong. If you follow Giants new on Twitter, you probably know Carmen as one of the GIF-Crew. I won’t do any justice trying to recap it, but there are some good tidbits in there about Nicole and Ryan. I’d encourage you to head over and read it.

"Behind every great player there is likely a story of hard work, perseverance, determination. And behind Ryan Vogelsong’s, there’s also Nicole. A loving wife who made her husband’s dreams her own and together proved they could overcome the statistics the game of baseball loves to hang it’s hat on.via BASG"

Read the full article here: 1:1 with Nicole Vogelsong: A different perspective on baseball