Wednesday’s Lineup and Pre-Gamer: Kershaw Vs. Lincecum

By Melissa Felkins

The Giants are down to their last game in this three game series to avoid being swept. Who are we facing tonight? Clayton Kershaw of course. Even with Tim Lincecum pitching better, it will likely be a tough battle tonight. Let’s hope for a pitcher’s duel at the very least, which will at least give up hope that Lincecum actually is turning around somewhat.

Here is the Giants lineup for tonight:

And the Dodgers:

You’ll notice that the Giants lineup is predominately right-handers. In fact, Brandon Crawford is the only left-handed batter in our lineup. That’s likely only happening because Arias is still somewhat injured, though looks to be available off the bench. Even Brandon Belt, who has been hitting better lately is sitting this one out. That’s because as Bochy puts it, “lefties can’t his lefties.” Okay, we’ll go with that, but Crawford, despite being 1-11 against Kershaw, has other plans in mind for tonight.

Also, USA Today ran a nice article about Bryan Stow and his family’s fight for proper care for him. You can check that article out here: Two years after attack, Bryan Stow family fights for care

And speaking of Bryan Stow, the Dodgers fired of Tim Flannery last night: Flannery “Pissed Off” at Dodgers

Game starts at 7:10pm. Happy Lincecum Day!