Arias Leaves Game After Hamstring Injury

By Melissa Felkins

SMH. No literally, that’s exactly what I was doing. Shaking my head. Smacking my head. Pounding my head into a wall. So was Bruce Bochy.

Joaquin Arias left the game Monday night  with a strained left hamstring in the top of the 2nd inning after scoring from 1B on a double hit by Andres Torres. After limping into the dugout, he almost immediately headed for the clubhouse. Brandon Crawford, who had a night off and is still recovering from getting hit on the hand by a pitch, entered the game in his place.

It can only be assumed that Nick Noonan, who was sent back to Fresno yesterday to make room for Pablo Sandoval, will be fresh on his way to LA tonight.

Hopefully no surgery is needed, otherwise, maybe the Giants can arrange a 2 for 1 left hammy deal with Angel Pagan‘s surgeon tomorrow.

More news as we know more.