Barry Zito Leads The Giants To Victory Over Miami Marlins

By Denise Walos

The San Francisco Giants defeated the Miami Marlins 2-1 in a walk off win in the 11th inning courtesy of Hector Sanchez, pinch-hitting for WP and ex-Marlin Sandy Rosario. He hit a pop single to LF which scored Gregor Blanco who was on 3rd base. There was a mad rush to tackle Hector and pile on top of him. Probably not the smartest thing to do with a team that has half of their players out due to injury.

Jun 22, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants pitcher Barry Zito (75) prepares to deliver a pitch against the Miami Marlins in the seventh inning at AT&T.

We needed to win today.

We needed this win today.

The day started off on a somber note. Many radio stations and blogs were paying tribute to Joseph Zito, Barry’s father, who passed away three days ago. We all know today was going to be a tough start for Barry Zito, and even one the Giants offered him to skip. But he pitched an amazing game, only allowing one run in seven innings and also scoring the run that tied the Giants and Marlins for the duration of the game. Zito scored on a Gregor Blanco ground-rule double on a fly ball to right-center field, on fan interference. Yes, there was fan interference. I’m not sure what it looked like on tv but at the stadium it was obvious what happened. How many times do people have to be told to leave a ball in play alone?! SMH…

The San Francisco Giants finally won a game at home against the Miami Marlins (yes, they still have the worst record in baseball at 24-49) and the first one since July 28, 2010. Amazing. Now let’s move on, split the series and haul ass to the All Star Break.

The Giants are now 37-36, 3rd place in NL West, behind the Arizona Diamondbacks and the San Diego Padres. We have some catching up to do.