MRI Reveals Small Tear in Pagan’s Hamstring

By Stuart Jones

Per the beat writers, the MRI results that Angel Pagan was carrying around on Friday showed that he has a small tear in his hamstring. He said he felt and heard a pop as he was running down the first base line in the ninth inning of his game with the San Jose Giants. Pagan will be seeking a second opinion in the coming days, but Angel has acknowledged that the operation would be simple and would sideline him for six weeks. It is understandable that Angel Pagan would want to help his team and play while they are in the midst of a division race, but there are strong feelings amongst the fanbase as to what the outfielder on the four-year forty million dollar contract should do.

May 12, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants center fielder Angel Pagan (16) returns to the dugout at the end of the fourth inning against the Atlanta Braves at AT

So, there you go. I took the tweets of nine people from a fanbase of millions, and although I cannot say with certainty that this is what the fans wants, but I hypothesize that this is the majority opinion. After Pagan gets a second evaluation of his MRI, hopefully he decides not to get a third opinion, because you get the feeling the longer this gets pushed back, clearly the later he comes back to help the team.