Chad Gaudin Injury Update

By Melissa Felkins

Last night was a terrible night. The Miami Heat won the NBA Championship. Kayne West and Kim Kardashian named their baby daughter North West (let the one sink in for a moment). But if you are a Giants fan, the night went from bad to worse. Starting pitcher, Chad Gaudin, was hit in the right elbow by a line drive in the 5th inning. After taking a couple of warm up pitches, he was pulled from the game. In addition to that, and ultimately losing the game thanks to Jeremy Affeldt in the 8th inning, there was news that Angel Pagan was carted off the field after running to first base in his first rehab game.

The Marlins are bad omen.

However, while I can’t tell you anything positive about the Heat win, North West (seriously?!), Jeremy Affeldt, or Pagan’s injury, I can tell you this.

Yes, Gaudin should be okay. Nothing is broken and he’s expected to make his next start. Phew! And while I’m going to disagree that June 21st is the happiest day of the year (at least this year), hopefully this news gets you slightly closer to a somewhat happyish feeling.