Gregor Blanco is “Letting Go”

By Melissa Felkins

Gregor Blanco posted an update to his MLB Blog talking about how he’s trying to have fun, help out where he’s needed most, why he steps out of the batter’s box so much, and how much fun it is watching Juan Perez play baseball.

"It’s been so much fun watching Juan Perez. I like his attitude. He really believes in himself. He’s confident that whatever he was doing in Triple A he can do here. He’s not trying to prove anything. He’s just playing the way he knows he can play. I don’t think he even played center field in the minor leagues and look what he’s doing. His throws! They’ve been unbelievable. Teams keep running on him. And he keeps throwing them out."

It’s a pretty decent read that some of you may enjoy. Check it out here: Letting Go