Zack Wheeler Makes MLB Debut Tuesday Night

By Melissa Felkins

Zack Wheeler, of the New York Mets,and  formerly of the San Francisco Giants, is set to make his MLB debut in Atlanta on Tuesday night according to the Mets’ Twitter account.

Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In case you have forgotten, Wheeler was the prized pitching prospect the Giants gave up to get Carlos Beltran for half a season in 2011. At the time, it was a judgement call as to whether it would be a good trade or not. Beltran had been good, and continues to be good, however his time in San Francisco didn’t overly impress fans, which really just means, it didn’t lead to a playoff run. Beltran is long gone, but the Mets still have Wheeler and are ready to finally cash in on the deal.

In reality, it couldn’t come at a worse time for the Giants pitching staff or fans. It’s a stark reminder that Wheeler could be in our struggling starting rotation this season. Of course, we’ll find out Tuesday night whether that would have been a good thing or not.

While I wish Wheeler was suiting up in the orange in black, and not orange and blue, I’ll be rooting for him to shut down the Atlanta Braves after this past weekend. If he happens to send a pitch in just a little too close to Freddie Freeman (within reason) as a message from his former teammates, I’d be okay with that, too.