Giants Beat Rockies. Umpires Say No. Decide To Hit Walk-Off Inside The Park Home Run Instead

By Bryan Rose

It’s been said that one of the beauties of baseball, no matter how many innings you’ve sat through, no matter how many games you’ve watched – you’ll always see something new.

I’m pretty sure that held true today.

Down 4-0 after some early inning struggles, the Giants clawed their way back into the game. An RBI double from Hunter Pence followed by an eventual sacrifice fly from Brandon Crawford and a bases loaded walk in the bottom of the sixth inning brought the Giants to within one. An Andres Torres double in the bottom of the seventh inning plated Buster Posey, knotting up the score at 4-4.

A ground ball to second base off the bat of Brandon Crawford in the seventh should have scored Brandon Belt, who successfully split the legs of Rockies catcher Yorvit Torrealba, but an obvious blown call (not the only one of the game) by home plate umpire Alfonso Marquez halted the should have been Giants lead – a run that would’ve proven to be game decider.

Alas, the Giants and Rockies continued their battle until the Rockies took the lead in the top half of the tenth inning thanks to a Troy Tulowitzki home run, but the Giants refused to lose.

Entering the bottom half of the tenth down one, Brandon Crawford lead off the inning with a walk and was sacrificed to second by pinch hitter Guillermo Quiroz . Then Angel Pagan went all KABLOW and did this:

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YouTube (thanks Dewel Nieves) until it’s removed:

Pagan hit a towering fly ball to Triples Alley that bounced around and over the head of right fielder Michael Cuddyer. Pagan, assuming that he’d stop at third base since there was only one out in the inning, started to slow down but quickly hit the burners after he spotted third base coach Tim Flannery waving him in.

The result?

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Yeah. That was pretty badass.

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