GIFPost: Justin Upton has played better defense

By Stuart Jones

The San Francisco Giants just finished taking three out of four from the Atlanta Braves, and the Giants will enjoy a day off tomorrow before taking on the Toronto Blue Jays in Canada. Within the last two games though, Justin Upton has hated… hated… the bottom of the fifth. It was the worst inning ever for him, because he saw these three plays go towards him, and he didn’t get the optimal results he and Braves fans were hoping for.

Line drive number one: Marco Scutaro hits one to Justin Upton in RF, ends up a triple

Line drive number two: Buster Posey goes oppo, Justin Upton doesn’t realize where the wall is and/or JUp gets a poor read on the ball, Posey ends up on 2nd.

Line drive number three: Pablo Sandoval hits one not super hard, but Upton can’t bring it in, and decides to kick it around.

Yup, he’s seen better days for sure. The Giants are just glad he saw those days this weekend against them.