Crazy Bubble Boat Returns To McCovey Cove During San Francisco Giants Game

By Bryan Rose

During Wednesday’s series finale against the Philadelphia Phillies, a strange object began to float towards McCovey Cove. Nobody knew exactly what it is, but the safe bet was to claim it as Hunter Pence’s spaceship. You couldn’t really go wrong there and given the oddities we’ve seen out in the Cove before (from a flying man – aka – Jetpack Guy – to a floating Delorian from Back To The Future), trying to determine what it was would probably end up in failure.

Well, tonight it was back – but this time we have a bit more info on the project, thanks to McCovey Cove Dave.

The, uh, floatation device is better known as the “Bubble Boat” and was built by a huge Giants fan named Paul. Even better? He plans to make his presence in the Cove a common event throughout the Summer, putting on light shows during evening games.

Dave, who actually took a spin in the Bubble Boat, equated the experience to “riding those spinning teacups at Disneyland”.

If that’s the case, I’m not sure I want to see what the floor of the Bubble Boat looks like.

Thanks to Stuart (@HeHitsItDeeeeep) for the GIF

Property of @HeHitsItDeeeeep

Thanks to Dave for the picture and to our own Stuart (@HeHitsItDeeeeep) for the GIF’s.