More Strange Things (Alien Boats) Appear In San Francisco Giants’ McCovey Cove

By Bryan Rose

While the San Francisco Giants and their impressive record at home might be predictable, out in the far reaches of right field – specifically McCovey Cove, predictable is about the last thing you’d expect.

Last year, we had not only the famed “Jetpack Guy” who mysteriously floated above the right field wall mid-game, but also the hand crafted Delorian “boat” or better yet, hovercraft, which caught the eye of national media and made its presence known throughout the season.

Not to be outdone though, was this, thanks to our own Stuart (@HeHitsItDeeeeep):

Image property of Comcast, GIF property of @HeHitsItDeeeeep

Image property of Comcast, GIF property of @HeHitsItDeeeeep

Your guess is as good as mine.

The uh, egg shaped tea kettle, bad offspring of a carnival ride looking device not only floats (obviously) but lights up like a tree on Christmas Eve, though it appears to only allow one rider at a time. Bummer.

There’s also been no confirmation to the rumor that the device belongs to Hunter Pence nor that it transports him back and forth to his planet between games. But it totally does. We both know it.

Beeeppp bepepe beeeeppe beeppe beeeeep something something CLICK CLICK beppepee beep CLICK.

Or however Hunter would send the transmissions over his antenna airwaves. I don’t speak alien.

Not yet, at least.

Thanks to Stuart & Comcast for the footage and GIF.