Giants Reliever Santiago Casilla Picks Up Fair Ball While Warming Up In Bullpen

By Bryan Rose

Fans of the San Francisco Giants have a love-hate relationship with reliever Santiago Casilla. The San Cristobal native tends to be wildly effective, but that wildness at times can get the better of him and the emotional fan (LIKE ME) when he has his normal every few outing hiccup.

Speaking of hiccups – Casilla had another today, but this time, he wasn’t even in the game.

Warming up in the top of the 8th, a double down the left field line by Arizona Diamondback pinch hitter Eric Hinske made its way towards Casilla who was watching as the ball bounced towards him. So like most others would do, he quickly scooted out of the way and allowed the play to go on, unobstructed, right? Not hardly. Casilla opted to just grab the ball while it remained in fair play, much to the shock of, well, everybody.

It’s quite comical, as you can see below (thanks to @Triples_Alley for the GIF):

The reactions across the board are hilarious. From Giants’ bullpen coach Mark Gardner throwing his hands in the air to the tank top wearing woman in the background with a “uh, what are you doing” look to the fan in the black hat wondering what the hell just happened, nobody really knew what to do.

Thankfully for the Giants, the brain fart didn’t haunt Casilla or the Giants who escaped the Diamondback rally after Casilla entered to pick up the innings final two outs.

And yes, for those wondering, the umpires did converse about the play but kept it as a double – much to the displeasure of the Diamondback dugout.