Welcome Back To Bruce Bochy’s Doghouse, Brandon Belt

By Bryan Rose

Apr 11, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; San Francisco Giants first baseman

Brandon Belt

(9) makes a play against the Chicago Cubs in the seventh inning at Wrigley Field. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Huh. Seems like you just got out of this place, yet, you’re back.

Is it the slumpy shoulders again?

Whatever the case, Brandon Belt just can’t catch a break. The Giants’ first baseman found himself on the bench yesterday afternoon in favor of utility man Joaquin Arias, but Manager Bruce Bochy wanted to make one thing clear – this wasn’t a benching:

"“This isn’t a case where he’s getting benched,” Bochy said of Belt. “But we need to get Arias out there. [Belt] might miss a couple of games.”"

Sure, Boch. Sure. And that timeout my second grade teacher gave me timeout for putting glue down that one kids shirt wasn’t really a timeout, either.

Yes, there were some things playing into Bochy’s favor – like the upcoming stretch of games against left handed starters and Arias not really seeing the field much, but Belt has been nothing short of awful to start the season – this after absolutely destroying anything thrown within a five foot radius during Spring Training.

So is it a benching? Has his .183 average irritated Bochy enough to play yo-yo with the 25 year old Texas native, plastering pictures of Brett Pill‘s ghost around the Nacogdoches natives locker? I certainly hope not, though, Belt was given the *insert scary music* “talk” by Bochy prior to the game:

"Bochy said he and Belt spoke privately before Sunday’s game about “a couple of things, between Brandon and I.”"

Belt’s not been an easy case to unlock. After finally coming around and putting up solid numbers last year, this after being yanked around in 2011, Belt appears to be pressing – knowing that if an extended slump hit him, he may find himself riding the U.S.S. Pine, and apparently, welcome aboard.

There aren’t any legit options for the Giants at first in the minors, despite some fans infatuation with Brett Pill. This is something that has to work for the Giants and Belt so playing games with Belt might not be the route the Giant brass needs to go. Now, I’m not saying that’s what they’re doing – but – doing so wouldn’t be in anybody’s best interest as we learned in 2011.

Give him a few days rest if you must, but let the kid play out of his funk.