Shopping With The San Francisco Giants – 2012 Replica World Series Ring Giveaway

By Bryan Rose

Generally, the focus of the “Shopping with the San Francisco Giants” series is to feature items that are either unique, rare, funny or just completely oddball – none of which describe today’s feature, which is the replica ring giveaway that the Giants will be handing out this weekend.

On Sunday, when the San Francisco Giant players will receive their 2012 World Series rings on field, 40K fans will also receive their own replica ring, which shouldn’t exactly stand out as the Giants also had the same promo after their 2010 World Series victory. However, the quality between the two rings pales in comparison as the 2010 “keychain” ring was nothing more than a dense plastic mold with no color nor did it have any “diamonds” in it like the current version. As you can see above, the 2012 version is well, nothing short of bad ass.

The San Francisco Giants marketing department is universally thought of as one of the premier in all of professional sports and this is a prime example of why. I mean, this is a game giveaway – a giveaway that is currently pre-selling for around $100 bucks on EBay.

Even better is unlike past years where the Giants only gave out giveaways to the first 20K, many of their top giveaways will be given out to the first 40K – so chances are, no matter how late you are to the festivities, you’ll come home with some goodies in your pockets without having to stand in line for three hours prior to the game.