San Francisco Giants Release Gold Logo 2012 World Series Champion Hat

By Bryan Rose

In recent years, it’s become tradition for the World Series victor to wear some fancy garb promoting their awesomeness. Between sleeve patches, sparkly gold uniform logos and altered caps, the only thing missing is sewing the club’s record on the front of their jersey.

That said…

It’s still pretty awesome to have your own specialized gear for a few unique days during the season.

Speaking of, the San Francisco Giants will yet again wear some custom uniforms this year when they open at home against the St. Louis Cardinals, the same Cardinals who were lucky enough to be part 2011’s Opening Day World Series banner raising festivities. In addition to the spiced up uniform, the Giants will again wear gold logo caps like they did to open 2011 after the 2010 World Series Championship.

Little has changed with the hats from the previous version, outside of the patch on the left side to reflect the proper World Series.

But if you’re a true boss, you’ll want to ditch the normal *cough* ugly *cough* gold hat and go for a custom embroidered one off of EBay that features two brooms on the back. How much, you ask? Only $75 bucks!