San Francisco Giants Premier Together + Again Commercial

By Bryan Rose

The San Francisco Giants are one of the better teams on the field in baseball, but off, they’re just as good. The marketing department is one of the best in the league – highlighted by their unique and different promotions, capped off by their game giveaways. The marketing department isn’t too bad either when it comes to their TV spots, even if they have some uh – unintentional adult innuendos. Three run dong anybody?

The players seemed to enjoy last years “together we’re Giant” slogan highlighted by the TV commercials, though, the fans weren’t all that eager about it – especially compared to the 2010 rally cries. So now comes 2013 and a new slogan – “Together + Again”. It’s short. It’s simple. It’s to the point. And it’s relatively bland.

The slogan was introduced this morning as the Giants premiered their brand new TV spot to the masses which featured the slogan along with players and fans getting ready for game day.

You can watch the commercial below or check it out on