San Francisco Giants’ Buster Posey On Cover Of Men’s Health Magazine

By Bryan Rose

Life is pretty good for Buster Posey. When he’s not winning MVP awards, swinging for the fences in his own video game, making promo videos for Sony’s MLB The Show or saving kittens from burning trees, he apparently finds time to snap a few pictures for whatever magazine comes calling.

This time? It’s Men’s Health.

Posey joins Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (that still is weird to say) and Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals in the April issue of the magazine which will hit news stands on the 12th. And no, you didn’t see me at Target buying a tent to camp out at the local bookstore for it. That was just somebody that looked like me – or something.

Here’s an excerpt from the magazine:

"Originally drafted as a pitcher, Buster Posey put off the pros to play shortstop at FSU. When one his coaches recommended he try playing catcher—a position he hadn’t played since Little League—Posey agreed to give it a shot. The outcome? The player found the place on the field that spiked his career.“I can still picture it now, in the cage at FSU,” he says. “The gear felt natural. I just kind of went from there, and fell in love with it.”"

Each star will have their own alternate cover along with the cover that shows all three young stars.