MLB The Show 13 – San Francisco Giants Player Rankings & Ratings

By Bryan Rose

The eagerly anticipated MLB The Show 13 is set to release in just a few days – but that hasn’t stopped fans of the annual video game franchise from scouring the internet for news on the always popular title – myself included.

Thankfully, ChrisJohnson83 of Operation Sports was happy to appease the news seekers.

The Operation Sports poster was given an early release of the retail version of the game and was kind enough to list every teams ratings across the Major League’s a few days ago and followed it up by releasing screenshots of every player’s ratings.

The Show hasn’t always been the most accurate in terms of giving players or teams accurate ratings – which can be seen by the Giants’ suspect overall team ranking of 17th, but, people still clamor to see what the numbers are.

And yes, Conor Gillaspie is on the roster despite being traded a few days ago – no official roster update has launched obviously, so he’ll be removed upon the first update. Though, let’s be honest – it would be very Giants of you to keep him around, just for the sake of it. Kind of like a sick game of cat and mouse, or as I like to refer to it “Being Brandon Belt-ed”.

The Show comes out Tuesday for those interested in attempting to have the Giants repeat, in a virtual setting.